PROTEIN Choco punch 400g
PROTEIN Choco punch 400g

The biggest package of SHAKE-IT Choco punch is for those who cannot resist the divine taste of chocolate and who know and love our Protein line. It is made up of a mix of 7 vegan proteins and its chocolate flavour is derived from the purest raw cocoa. 40 % of the protein in Choco punch comes from oats, chia seeds, rice, pea, pumpkin and sunflower. This combination of high-quality raw materials strengthens your body and gives you energy!

This package contains 400g of SHAKE-IT so there are more than 11 portions for you to enjoy.


Energy [kJ/kcal] 1557/372
Fat 9,7 g
  Of which saturated fatty acids 2,7 g
Carbohydrates 28 g
  Of which sugars 12,3 g
Fibre 15 g
Protein 40 g
Salt 0,67 g


A plant-based protein mix (rice, pea, sunflower, pumpkin) 41 %, raw cacao with reduced fat content 18 %, gluten free oat flakes, coconut sugar, crushed chia seeds (salvia hispanica) 10 %, psyllium, sweetener: steviol-glycosides

Příprava je snadná! Stačí smíchat 200ml vody nebo mléka, 4 – 5 polévkových lžic SHAKE-IT, protřepat a počkat 3 minuty. Dobrou chuť!