Starter set
Starter set

Interested in trying all of our flavours at once? Or do you already know what you like and would like to have a perfectly-sized set with only your favourites? We are more than happy to prepare a starter set package according to your taste. Mix it up, and enjoy SHAKE-IT drinks in the way you like them the most.

The Starter set costs you just 129 Kč, so one serving adds up to 26 Kč.


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Choco Bomb

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Love chocolate? If only it didn’t contain the quick-acting effects of sugar, easily stored in body fat... Your waistline will stay trim and your sweet tooth satisfied by Choco bombs! The irresistible explosion of chocolatey flavour comes from the finest raw cocoa, packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. You can find 5 portions in a 175g cup, so one serving will cost you only 28 Kč!
Red Berries
Love strawberries and raspberries? Then this flavour-bomb is made especially for you! In the Red Berries box, a fine powder of 15 gently freeze-dried strawberries and 25 raspberries await you. This, combined with other ingredients, creates a super-shake that fills you up, gives you energy and tastes great. There are 5 portions in this 175g package, so one serving will cost you only 28 Kč!
Black Fruits

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Surely you're wondering what you can find in the mysterious Black Fruits cup? We’ve prepared a combination of 49 blueberries, 70 black currants and 12 blackberries! Everything is gently freeze-dried and crushed to create a delicate and delicious smoothie. The nutritious balance of the drink is completed by oat flakes, chia seeds and rice protein. In one 175g package, there are 5 portions waiting for you, and one serving will cost you just 28 Kč!
Matcha Detox
Would you believe that there is a beverage out there that benefits the whole organism with necessary nutrients, satisfies your thirst, and moreover, gives you a great energy kick? We have got just the drink for you: Matcha Detox! One cup is jam-packed with superfoods and healthy ingredients including matcha tea, baobab, moringa, spirulina and chlorella. You will find 5 portions in a 175g cup, so one serving costs only 28 Kč!
Get rid of all the necessary PET bottles and enjoy SHAKE-IT in style. Our shaker will be an ideal travel companion in the great outdoors or the concrete jungle. Prepare a drink and enjoy it on your way to work or school or put it in your backpack on a mountain trek. The bottle is made of Tritan, contains no BPA and is easy to wash. It has 450 ml, so it can also serve as a bottle of water.
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